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Reformation Quincentenary 1517–2017

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The Lutheran Church in Ireland, in conjunction with the School of Religions, Peace Studies & Theology, the School of Histories & Humanities and the Department of Physics at Trinity College Dublin will host a Theological Symposium from 17th – 18th February 2017.

Friday 17th February

4pm Chapel and Front Square:

Opening of the “Reformation Installation”

From Friday 4pm until Saturday 5pm a large HGV, travelling through 67 European cities, invites you to explore Reformation stories right on the Front Square of TCD.
If you like, share your own thoughts and stories about Reformation
and send them on the journey to Wittenberg!


5 – 7pm Arts Building, Synge Theatre, Symposium, Part I:

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” (Gal. 5:1)

Prof. Volker Leppin, Faculty of Protestant Theology, University of Tuebingen: ‘Mysticism, the Reformation and the Freedom of a Christian’ 

Prof. Gunda Werner, Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Tuebingen: ‘Love, Freedom and Guilt – Differences between Christian Traditions in Thinking the Relationship between Divine and Human Freedom’

Prof. Kajsa Ahlstrand, Department of Theology, Church and Mission, University of Uppsala: ‘Is it all about Freedom? How Disobedience Became a Virtue (even) for Lutherans’

Chair: Prof. Graeme Murdock, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD


7pm Reception hosted by the German Embassy (Dining Hall)

8 – 8.30pm Choral Music sung by the Goethe Institute Choir (Dining Hall)

Saturday 18th February

10am–1pm Arts Building, Synge Theatre, Symposium, Part II:

“The Legacy of the Reformation”

Prof. Martin Meiser, New Testament, University of Saarbrücken: ‘Luther’s Legacy for Pauline Studies in Modern Debate’

Prof. Ruth Whelan, Dept. of French Studies, NUI Maynooth: ‘The Effects of the Reformation in France and the Huguenots in Ireland’

Prof. Salvador Ryan, Church History, St. Patrick’s College Maynooth: ‘What did Luther ever do for the Reformations in Ireland?’

Coffee Break

Discussion with the speakers from Friday and the participants

Chair: Dr. Gesa Thiessen, St. Finian’s Lutheran Church / Department of Religions and Theology, TCD

7.30pm Concert in College Chapel with the Resurgam Choir, presented by Goethe Institut Dublin

Sunday 19th February

Lutheran Service in St. Finian’s Church, 24 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2:

11am Bilingual Service “A new way to live” | “Eine neue Art zu leben”

including the farewell blessing for German guests, followed by a
lunch–reception in the adjacent Lutherhaus


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