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Contemporary Christianity



The University of Ulster New Campus,York Street, Belfast


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A Christian Perspective on the world of politics from Northern Ireland

You are invited to join Contemporary Christianity for an evening exploring aspects of this important subject to help people of faith and others to try to grasp on some of the issues, which we face in these uncertain times both locally and globally.We had the opportunity to vote on 5th May; five months later we do not have a working Local Assembly. The UK has a new Prime Minister. In Europe the cruel war in Ukraine continues. So many are struggling to cope with escalating costs and soaring inflation.

Monday 3rd October at 7pm

The University of Ulster New Campus,York Street, Belfast

Prof Duncan Morrow is the keynote speaker for the evening. Duncan is the University of Ulster Professor of Politics and Director of Community Engagement. After Duncan speaks, there will be some time for discussion, questions and feedback.

For further information please contact [email protected]

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