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51st Glenstal Ecumenical Conference

Glenstal Ecumenical Conference





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A retreat experience for Christians together, discerning service for a fractured world.

Following a sabbatical year in 2014, the Glenstal Ecumenical Conference is taking place once again in 2015. An innovation for this 51st Conference is that the gathering will take the form of a Retreat.

As always, the heart of our concern is growing together in Christ as diverse disciples. But building on the discussion of 2014, this year we are seeking to deepen and renew our vision of and commitment to this call. This is, above all, a spiritual exercise. In shaping our time together in terms of a retreat experience, we will be thinking and praying, talking and listening, in ways which can open us up to the new challenges that the Spirit is calling us to in our search for unity. So, as well as some talks, there will be extended times of prayer, reflection and conversation. Our time together will be a meeting at the well with the Lord, and an exchange across differences, which will lead us to new actions, and a fresh proclamation of the truth we encounter.

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