Irish Council of Churches. Irish Inter-Church Meeting

General Secretary Vacancy

Irish Council of Churches/Irish Inter–Church Meeting





The Irish Council of Churches seeks to recruit an exceptional individual who will lead the organisation into the next phase of its work.

Job Description

Job Title General Secretary, Irish Council of Churches
Location Inter Church Centre, 48 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast with responsibilities throughout Ireland
Salary Scale
£36,752 – £45,914
Responsible to Joint Management Committee of the Irish Council of Churches and the Irish Inter–Church Meeting
Line Manager President of the Irish Council of Churches
Interview Date Monday 7th February


The Irish Council of Churches and the Irish Inter–Church Meeting work together under the title: Churches in Ireland – Connecting in Christ. They seek to develop opportunities for Ireland’s churches to work together, to provide a Christian voice in society and so witness to their common belief in Jesus Christ.

The Irish Council of Churches (ICC) currently has 14 member churches. It is one of the longest serving, established national ecumenical bodies in the world and has a proud track record of addressing issues of justice, peace and integration as well as facilitating collaboration on key contemporary priorities.

The Irish Inter–Church Meeting (IICM) is the way in which the ICC churches and the Roman Catholic Church collaborate ecumenically (see for more details on these structures).


The General Secretary is the senior executive officer of the ICC and also holds the position of joint secretary of the IICM. The main duties will include, but may not be confined to:

  • Providing analytical and strategic analysis and direction to inter–church relations and ecumenism in Ireland
  • Serving as secretary to the ICC and IICM and ensuring that agreed decisions are carried out
  • Servicing, with other staff members, all associated committees, liaison and working groups meeting under the ICC/IICM
  • Line–managing other staff, including those who may be based outside the office
  • Overseeing and co–ordinating the work of externally funded projects
  • Maintaining close relationships with member churches and with relevant inter–church bodies
  • Furthering ecumenism nationally and locally by implementing an agreed vision and strategy for enhancing Irish ecumenism
  • Developing relationships and co–ordinating dialogues with government and relevant civil society partners
  • Assisting in the co–ordination, development and dissemination of shared policies and position papers
  • Representing the churches and co–ordinating inter–church representation as requested by the leadership
  • Ensuring overall financial stability, streamlining costs as appropriate and seeking to maintain and increase support


Please download the application pack by clicking here. Ensure that you have completed the application form and return it to:

The President, Irish Council of Churches, 48 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast BT9 6AZ

by 5pm on Friday 14th January 2022

Signed PDFs by email are acceptable.

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