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Focus on Refugees






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Focus on Refugees is a programme of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. The initiative aims to: 

  • better inform faith communities and organisations about issues relating to migration, refugees and asylum in UK and Ireland and beyond in Europe and across the world;
  • network together practitioners and
  • encourage and educate through examples of good practice, facts and documented experiences; 
  • provide opportunities for practical and prayerful action;
  • confront people of faith with the ongoing challenge of migration and ‘the refugee crisis’ through theological reflection.

We are delighted to introduce the new CTBI website with a specific focus on the current crisis around refugees.

With so many initiatives going on in relation to the refugee crisis both in the UK and abroad, it is sometimes difficult to keep abreast of latest developments.

This dedicated website will allow you to access all the information all in one place.

If you have ideas about what might develop the resource then get in touch with staff at CTBI.

For more information visit: