Irish Council of Churches. Irish Inter-Church Meeting

Consultation Paper: Brexit and the Irish Churches – Pastoral Dimensions






Under the auspices of the Irish Inter–Church Meeting, representatives of our member churches have been coming together to prepare for Brexit by anticipating future needs and assessing where the churches have available resources and relevant experience that could help our local communities at this time of uncertainty. 

Following an initial planning meeting in June 2018, a draft framework has been prepared that outlines areas of concern, relevant resources and experience within the churches, and possible actions that might be taken on three different levels – local, regional (all–island and UK/Ireland contexts) and international. 

We are now inviting groups within our member churches, local inter–church groups and partner organisations to contribute to the further development on this framework by responding to the enclosed consultation document. In particular, we encourage respondents to:

  • Expand on particular aspects relevant to their experience and expertise;
  • Challenge any aspects they feel could be improved;
  • Highlight anything that is missing from this framework.


Conscious that the uncertainty surrounding many aspects of Brexit can appear overwhelming, and that some of our local church communities are already experiencing the impact of this uncertainty, our main objective in this initiative is to facilitate dialogue and planning with a view to supporting resilience and helping communities prepare for change. 

It would be greatly appreciated if any responses could be sent to the ICC General Secretary ( by Friday 9th November


Find the Consultation paper here