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VE Day 75 Events

VE Day 75





Over 50,000 brave Irishmen joined the British Armed forces to fight against Hitler during WW II. Many of them served with great distinction in the war and of course many gave their lives to ensure we all enjoy the freedom we have today.

With this in mind, planing has started for the international celebration and commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, entitled VE Day 75, details of which can be viewed by going to –

There are a number of events being planned.

8TH MAY 2020

At 7pm on 8th May 2020, churches with bells are encouraged to ring them as part of ‘Ringing Out for Peace’. If you are taking part register your involvement by going direct to the VE Day website – 

10TH MAY 2020

Every church is encouraged to organise a special service of celebration and commemoration at 10.30am that morning, asking those taking part to undertake the following:

(1) To register their Churches involvement by going to – as soon as possible or by NO later than 1ST MAY 2020.

(2) To encourage those Churches taking part to invite a member of the congregation to read out the ‘Tribute to the Millions’ that can be downloaded from the VE Day website –

Those individual reading out the ‘Tribute’ need to register their involvement by going to –

(3) To encourage those Churches taking part to invite a local Bugler/Trumpeter, Cornet player to play the Last Post and Reville at 11am, as part of the service too. The individual undertaking the Last Post and Reville needs to register their participation by going to –