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St. Patrick’s Testimony Pamphlet







The Evangelical Catholic initiative (ECI) and Wild Goose Publishing have just published a revised version of St. Patrick’s Confession – St. Patrick’s Testimony Pamphlet

The ICC Communications Assistant spoke with Paddy Monaghan, Secretary of ECI, to find out more.  

Paddy shared that this pamphlet is not only an updated version of St Patrick’s Confession which ECI first published around 15 years ago, but it is the product of a relationship with Wild Goose Publishing, a Pentecostal ministry led by Bernard Harris from Bray. This partnership has added greatly to the design of the pamphlet which can be viewed and read here.  

St Patrick quoted all or part of 70 different Scripture verses/passages in his relatively short Testimony. These specific passages had not yet been recorded alongside the testimony itself. The team from ECI have added this as a feature in the revised pamphlet where there is a section listing each of the 70 different verses located in the text. This is a great way to see how St Patrick related scripture to his own life and testimony and how we might do the same. 

Another addition to the pamphlet is a brief introduction which includes six characteristics of the Irish Celtic Church. The hardcopy of the pamphlet opens up to being a beautifully designed Poster with the words of St. Patrick’s Breastplate. There is also a prayer for people to invite Jesus into their lives as Lord and Saviour after having read the key extracts from St. Patrick’s remarkable testimony.

So far the pamphlet has been bought and distributed by churches across the island of Ireland to offer congregations more insight into the true story of St Patrick’s life and faith.

Fr. John Nally, PP Ashbourne, Co. Meath shared that it is

 “a relevant and much needed depiction of Patrick for today, St. Patrick’s Testimony is a beautifully attractive pamphlet that presents Patrick as a continuous seeker of God whose honesty and struggle is timeless. Far more than a history or chronicle, it is a springboard and path to know and follow Jesus today.” 

Pastor John Ahern, All Nations Church, National Stadium, Dublin, shared that

“It is a beautiful reproduction of what is the oldest and most important document of the Irish people. It is a link with the beginning of a 1,500–year history of Christianity on our island.”

ECI believes that for Revival to come in Ireland it is key that bridges are built between what the Holy Spirit is doing in the historic churches and what the Holy Spirit is doing in the Pentecostal/newer Churches. Their Prayer is that this initiative will contribute to redeeming Irish Celtic Christianity, inspire others to give a priority to evangelism and foster Christian unity as Jesus prayed for in John 17.  


If you would like to purchase hardcopies of the pamphlets the cost for 100 is €50 plus postage. To order please send an email to [email protected]


The Evangelical Catholic Initiative is focused on the priority of evangelism in the Catholic Churchand on joining with Christians in other denominations to fulfil the Great Commission. You can find out more about them here: