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Church Leaders Unite in Prayer around Anniversary of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement






Church Leaders Group (Ireland)

On 10 April 2023 it will be twenty–five years since the historic Belfast/Good Friday Agreement was signed. The signing of the Agreement was not the end of the journey to peace in Northern Ireland but marked simply the first faltering steps down a very long road to a new, brighter, and shared future.

That road will continue to be shaped by tolerance and respect for our differences, and a recognition of the need for greater understanding and reconciliation.  The principles of the Agreement were based on ‘partnership, equality and mutual respect‘.  As we reflect on how far we have travelled, we must fully appreciate the sacrifices that were made as we capture a vision for what lies ahead.

Mindful that people from different parts of the community will have different views and emotions about the anniversary of the signing of the Agreement, the Church Leaders Group (Ireland) has prepared resources for use in times of private prayer and public forms of worship marking the anniversary, recalling the events of the past and looking to the future.

In the journey from Good Friday to Easter, from death to new life, the message of the Christian faith is a belief that love is stronger than hate and that the light of hope shines brightly in the darkness.

The resources can be found here.