Irish Council of Churches. Irish Inter-Church Meeting

Words of encouragement and prayer for King Charles III as he visits the Hill of Armagh






The members of the Church Leaders Group (Ireland), along with other church representatives, this morning met with His Majesty King Charles III when he visited St Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral on the Hill of Armagh. 

On the site of St Patrick’s 5th century ‘Great Stone Church’, The King had the opportunity to hear something of the work of the Church in Ireland in relation to peace building, environmental issues, and work with the impoverished and with those from other places in the world now living in the local community in Northern Ireland.  A period of reflection and intercession followed during which the Church Leaders prayed for God’s blessing and guidance for The King.

The King was hosted by the Dean of Armagh, the Very Revd Shane Forster, who welcomed His Majesty to the ecclesiastical capital and to ‘this shared sacred space, where for centuries pilgrims have come to learn, pray and experience the loving presence of God.’

Those representing the Irish Council of Churches were Bishop Andrew Forster (ICC President), Bishop Sarah Groves (ICC Vice–President); Fr Anish John (Indian Orthodox Church), Georgina Copty (Church of Ireland), Dr Damian Jackson (ICC General Secretary) and Megan Ross (ICC Communications Assistant). 

Bishops Groves and Forster greet the King - Kelvin Boyes (PressEye)
Bishops Groves and Forster greet the King - Kelvin Boyes (PressEye)