Irish Council of Churches. Irish Inter-Church Meeting

New President and Vice–President of ICC






Rt Rev Andrew Forster (past president) Bishop Sarah Groves (President) Rt Rev Dr Charles McMullen

Installation of the New President and Vice–President of Irish Council of Churches

The 101st Annual Meeting of the Irish Council of Churches took place in Gracehill Moravian Church, Co. Antrim last week. The new President and Vice President were installed at the meeting.

The Annual Meeting gathers senior church leaders and lay representatives from across its 15 member churches in Ireland, bringing together the broad spectrum of Irish Christianity. The Irish Council of Churches also maintains a structured dialogue with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference through the Irish Inter–Church Meeting, representatives of which were also in attendance.

Bishop Sarah Groves was installed as the new ICC President. Bishop Groves serves as both Minister of Gracehill Moravian Church and as a Bishop in the Moravian Church. She has been ICC Vice–President since 2022. Speaking after her installation, Bishop Groves shared:

“As the Moravian Church was one of the founding members of ICC over 100 years ago, this is an exciting day. I look forward to my term as ICC President and to leading the organisation as we continue to equip Ireland’s churches to connect through a common belief in Christ.”

Very Rev Dr Charles McMullen was also installed, as the incoming ICC Vice–President. Dr McMullen has been Minister of West Church, Bangor in County Down, Northern Ireland since 1999 and served as Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland from 2018–2019.