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Cherubim and Seraphim


Vision and Values

The Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S) Church is a pentecostal Christian organisation which was founded in Nigeria about 90 years ago in 1925 by Saint Orimolade Tunolase an Itinerant Evangelist who believed in efficacy of prayer. His Evangelical mission was characterized by a Great Revival – turning people away from idol worshipping to the worship of the true and living God.

To the Glory of God, the C&S Church is one of the few exports from Nigeria into the UK and Ireland that has stood the test of time. Since the establishment of the first C&S Church in 1965 in the UK, the Christian organization has expanded not only within UK, but also into Ireland, Europe and North America among other places.

The first church was inaugurated in Ireland in 1998 and now has seven branches with over 600 members in Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Cork. 

The C&S is a Spiritual Christian Church with membership in the Christian Association of Nigeria, the Organization of African Instituted Churches and the World Council of Churches. Membership is open to people of all races, ages and to both sexes. 

Our first and primary work is that of prayer and preaching of the gospel

Members are required to wear prayer robes at all times for worship. All members are priests and may be called upon at any time to perform religious rites appropriate for their age and sex. Ordination and promotion are based on performance and promotion of the activities of the holy order, attendance at religious ceremonies and availability for religious duties. Shoes are not allowed in the house of prayer. Female members and non–members must cover their heads and may not enter the worship area during their monthly periods. Tithes and offerings are used for bills, worship articles and welfare of the order. The Holy Order has no paid priesthood. 

The church currently has about 10 million members that worship in about 1500 branches all over the world including the United Kingdom and the United States

Beliefs and Practices

The Order believes in the Holy Bible as the word of God and in salvation through Jesus Christ and in the Trinity in unity, the use of incense, purification by prayer and fasting and resurrection of the dead. Its first and primary work is that of prayer and preaching of the gospel. It believes in the curative effect of prayer for all afflictions, spiritual and temporal, but condemns and abhors the use of charms or fetish witchcraft or sorcery of any kind and all heathenish sacrifices and practices. It is not averse to the judicious use of curative herbs, the engagement of qualified medical practitioners or doctors or the use of patent medicines or other drugs. It endorses and practices the sanctification of water by prayer and the effect of such consecrated water for every purpose.

What we do during the week:

Monday Free unless there is revival 7.00pm to 9.00pm

2nd /Last Tuesday Special Prayer with fasting 7pm to 9pm

Wednesdays Shiloh Service of Mercy 7pm – 8pm

1st / 3rd Thursday prayer with visioners 7pm to 9pm

2nd / Last Friday Night Vigil 10pm to 1am 

How to find out more

Facebook page – Unification of Cherubim and Seraphim Churches in Ireland

Mother Cherub Prophetess Agnes Oluyinka Olushoto–Aderanti:+353 87 9727699

Email: [email protected]

Most Senior Apostle Sola Obube+3530879720949