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Women’s Link


What is Women’s Link?

We are women of all ages and denominations who represent women’s organisations within the ICC’s member churches.

We support with prayers the work of all women’s organisations, growing in unity, connecting in Christ, showing love, fellowship and acceptance to all.

Current Officers:

President: Mrs Joyce Bond (2nd year) (Mothers’ Union)Secretary: Mrs Eilis O’Malley (Roman Catholic Women) Treasurer: Mrs Kathy Kitson (Moravian Women’s Association) 


Methodist Women in Ireland: Ms Elizabeth McWattersPresbyterian Women: Dr Jean ShannonMoravian Women: Mrs Roberta ThompsonLutheran Church: Ms Yvonne LangebachNon–Subscribing Presbyterian Church: Ms Caroline McKeownWorld Day of Prayer: Mrs Jennifer WoodWomen’s World Day of Prayer: Mrs Margie SavageFriends Society: Mrs Lynn BensonSalvation Army: Mrs Jackie Wright, Mrs Carol Harries

Former Women’s Link Representatives to ICC Executive

Mrs Phyllis Watters (Methodist Women in Ireland)

Mrs Roberta Thompson (MWA)

Strategy: Working together with organisations. This is translated into prayer and the hosting of an Annual Fellowship Day. Each member of Women’s Link is a committed member of their own women’s church group and each is actively involved in all of their various projects. 

Women’s Link recognises our members’ unique position of being a link between all organisations and the relevant churches both locally and nationally. 

Networking and sharing resources can be achieved by producing lists of resources and speakers from each organisation and provide an opportunity to meet together annually at the Fellowship Days.