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Moravian Church (Irish District)


Vision and Values

The Moravian Church today is worldwide mainstream Christian denomination.

There is no doctrine peculiar to the Moravian Church which stands firmly within mainstream Protestant tradition. The Moravian Church is a community of people who attempt to fulfil the words of Christ from Matthew 23, 8 for Moravians feel that, we have but one Master, Jesus Christ; and we are all brothers and sisters in him. There is no human leader of the Moravian Church, Jesus Christ is the head of the Moravian Church and this is why all Moravians are equal, whoever they are. Moravian worship is liturgical or free as the occasion demands. The Lord’s Supper is celebrated regularly, normally monthly. Some congregations also celebrate the Lovefeast, an informal meal shared in church during which news of common interest is shared as well as a homily preached. Scripture is central to the worship and belief of Moravians and services will include Bible readings and exegesis of the shared passages. Moravians also have a long tradition of singing and making a joyful noise to the Lord. Hymns and songs, both ancient and modern are used in worship and the organ or the piano are the main instruments usually used.

In Essentials Unity; In non–Essentials Liberty; In all things Charity

The Irish District of the Moravian Church is part of the Moravian Unity Province known as Great Britain the Ireland. There are approximately 320 members of the Moravian Church on the island of Ireland and they attend one of four congregations in Co Antrim and one in Co Down. In addition there is a fellowship in Dublin that meets twice a year. Representatives of the five congregations meet twice a year for an Irish District Conference, where various matters are discussed. However, the Irish District comes under the governance of bi–annual Synod, made up of elected representatives from all the congregations throughout the whole Province and the current serving ministers. In the inter–synodal period the Province is run by a board of four people, lay or ordained, who are elected at the synod. The British Province also elects three representatives who attend the world Unity Synod once every seven years and between Unity Synods the Unity is governed by an elected Unity Board.In addition to Sunday worship and Sunday Schools the congregations in the Irish District take part in and host various activities throughout the week, These include the Moravian Women’s Association, uniformed groups, youth clubs, a Parents & Toddlers Group, choirs, a Nightreach Group, a Kung Fu class, a German class, three bowls clubs and many other events and clubs. The Moravian Church also is fully involved in ecumenical matters and, in this Province, belongs to the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, the Irish Council of Churches, the Irish Inter–Church Meeting, the Free Churches’ Council and a host of local ecumenical groups. However, despite the Moravian commitment to ecumenism and Church unity, there are some distinct features of the denominations, such as the children’s Christingle Service, which has been widely adopted by other denominations and the Children’s Society. The Moravian Unity has operated a Prayerwatch for hundreds of years, whereby members are constantly praying for the denomination, taking it in turns member by member, congregation by congregation and Province by Province.The main motto of the Moravian Church is Vicit Agnus Eum Sequamur(Our lamb has conquered, let us follow him), which is usual found around a lamb carrying a flag, which puts the emphasis and focus on Christ as the head of the denomination. The Moravians have also adopted and lay much emphasis upon the ancient motto In Essentials Unity; In non–Essentials Liberty; In all things Charity. Since its creation in 1457 in the Czech lands by the followers of the martyred reformer Jan Huss the Moravian Church has spread around the world and even though they are members of a very small denomination the Moravians continue to preach the gospel, serve the Lord and share his light and love amongst his people wherever they are found.

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