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Irish Churches Peace Project


Irish Churches Peace Project

The Irish Churches Peace Project (ICPP), an initiative of the island’s four largest churches, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Church of Ireland, Methodist and the Irish Council of Churches, successfully concluded in June 2015.  

Throughout its course, the Project promoted reconciliation in our communities, through the churches working together. 

As well as stimulating a wide range of local level peace initiatives, the ICPP produced a series of resources to assist groups in dialoguing on a range of issues. They are as follows:

The Elephant in the Room

This dialogue resource contains six sessions focusing on contentious issues in Northern Ireland, such as identity, parades, symbols etc. An accompanying DVD contains video clips to stimulate discussion for each session.

This resource is appropriate for use with a wide variety of either single identity or mixed groups.


A Step Too Far

This resource is based on the award winning film “A Step Too Far: A Contemplation on Forgiveness”. The film is divided into three episodes and an accompanying resource provides outlines for three discussion sessions plus an optional final session.

This resource is suitable for use in a wide variety of church settings such as home groups, youth groups, informal services etc.

Go and Do Thou Likewise: Addressing the Legacy of the Troubles

This DVD resource is based on a conference for clergy on addressing the legacy of the Troubles. This was organised by ICPP and clergy in the Mid–Ulster area. The resource booklet provides discussion questions on topics raised in video clips of the main conference speakers on the DVD.

This resource is appropriate for groups of clergy or other church leaders interested in exploring the continuing legacy of the Troubles and the role of churches in addressing the issues.


Dealing With the Past, Shaping the Future

This DVD–based resource contains a number of talks presented at a 2014 Presbyterian Church in Ireland conference. The accompanying booklet contains Bible study notes and discussion questions that may be used in a wide variety of small group settings

Towards Greater Understanding

This four–session series is designed for two or more churches from different traditions in a local area. The first three sessions focus on increasing understanding of each other’s faith traditions. The final session focuses on identifying areas for future co–operation in peace–building in the locality.

A Cultural Experience and A Cultural Journey

This resource enables local people and migrants to build relationships and explore their various cultures. The series of sessions and events in the resource can help local people understand some of the problems migrants face in adapting to the local culture. They can also help migrants in the process of learning about and adapting to the local culture.

ICPP Case Studies Booklet

These cases studies capture the experience and learning from ICPP’s engagement in peace–building and good relations work with churches. The booklet is divided into three key themes:

• Connecting the Community
• Developing peace building when it is challenging
• Organising joint conferences and events

Resource Directory

The Resource Directory provides contact details for organisations and individuals who can support churches that are engaging in peacebuilding and good relations activities.



These resources are now freely available to be used for non–commercial purposes under Creative Commons Licence. If you wish to adapt or substantially amend portions of the documents, please contact the Irish Council of Churches for permission. Hard copies of these resources are also available on request.