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Identity and Belonging: Past, Present, Future

Hosted by Judith Hill, each episode features one of the Church Leaders in conversation with someone who shares their experience of identity and belonging.

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Most Rev Eamon Martin, Archbishop of Armagh & Primate of All Ireland

“I feel a sadness that courageous people [like Linda] who just gently try to inch us forward meet with such misrepresentation, misunderstanding… but I do believe that when people want to do good things, to bring people closer together, to build reconciliation, that the Lord will be with them.”

This episode features Archbishop of Armagh, Most Rev Eamon Martin, reflecting on the challenge of marking the centenary of the partition of Ireland from the perspective of the Catholic, Nationalist community. Archbishop Eamon is joined by Irish language educator and community activist Linda Ervine MBE who shares about her experience of working to cultivate and appreciation for the Irish language in the Protestant, Unionist community.


Right Reverend Dr David Bruce, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

“That is the difficulty with violence. It toxifies relationships. It closes down conversation. It makes it difficult for genuine personal connection to happen.” 

This episode features Rt Rev Dr David Bruce, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, reflecting on the impact of violence and our duty of care to those living with the trauma of its aftermath. Dr Bruce is joined by Beryl Quigley, whose husband was murdered in 1984, and by Dr Gilly Carson, who worked in A&E during some of the worst years of violence. 


Very Rev Dr Ivan Patterson, President of the Irish Council of Churches

“The future is in the hands of [our young people]… we need to engage with our youth and bring them into those spaces where they can engage and cross borders.”

This episode features a conversation between Very Rev Dr Ivan Patterson, President of the Irish Council of Churches, and two youth workers from Youth Link NI, Chris Clague and Aoibhin McNeill. Rev Patterson was a trustee of Youth Link NI in the early years of its work and reflects on the significance of that for him as he learns about the challenges and opportunities for those who continue that work with young people today. 


Rev Dr Sahr Yambasu, President of the Methodist Church in Ireland

“Because we are leaders there are many in our churches who actually trust us and who look to us for leadership. If we do cooperate. If we send a message not just by word in the pulpit but through the way we engage with others and encourage our parishioners and our congregations to engage with others, I think we can have a huge amount of influence.”

This episode features Rev Dr Sahr Yambasu, President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, in conversation with Bishop Sarah Groves of the Moravian Church. Both Dr Yambasu and Bishop Sarah have come from elsewhere to positions of church leadership on the island of Ireland. They reflect on their experiences and the importance of inter–church relationships in helping to bring people together with respect for diversity.


Most Rev John McDowell, Archbishop of Armagh & Primate of All Ireland

“We in the churches in Ireland for years felt that we had the first word and the last word and now we just have to say that we think we have a word that’s distinctive and we think we can contribute to the common good, the idea that there are certain things that will not benefit me unless you also have them, and that’s how political democracy properly works, around that idea of the common good.”

This episode features Most Rev John McDowell, Archbishop of Armagh, discussing the challenges posed by Brexit for the future of Northern Ireland. Archbishop John is joined by Aodhán Connolly to reflect on the leadership role of the business community in this context.