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Jubilee Farm – ‘Putting the Culture back into Agriculture.’






“Putting the Culture back into Agriculture.” 

Taken from Jubilee’s own website, this really is how one feels after spending an afternoon in this tranquil yet buzzing community farm just outside of Larne, Co. Antrim. 

Jubilee Farm is Northern Ireland’s first community–owned farm, it is a Christian creation care organisation. They define creation care as environmental and agricultural stewardship that incorporates flourishing, fairness, wellbeing and welfare.

Focusing on organic produce and the aim of putting culture back into agriculture, the farm runs a pig club and a vegetable box scheme meaning those who subscribe to these programmes can be involved in the production and are fully aware of where and just how fresh their food is.

Jubilee also invite individuals, schools, churches and groups to learn and be inspired by a range of formal or informal activities. They hold monthly volunteer days when members of the community can join together and help at the farm. With a focus on Care Farming, Jubilee also offers opportunities for group activities based at the farm that promote the human health and wellbeing that being immersed in nature can so helpfully provide.

Having secured their new and permanent site earlier this year, the second Bioblitz festival took place at the weekend to celebrate the official opening of the farm. The Bioblitz is a 24 hour festival of Science and Nature. There were a range of talks, walks and activities for all ages to learn more about the wildlife in the area. There were also stalls for local businesses who prioritise eco–friendly or recycled items. 

A special service of celebration was held on the Saturday afternoon where the general public and faith representatives met to reflect on God’s mighty work through Creation and our Christian mandate to preserve and protect it. Megan, ICC Communications Assistant was invited to give a reading from Colossians regarding the supremacy of Jesus as the firstborn over all creation (1:15).

This inter–church service praised God for his faithfulness in the Jubilee journey so far while looking to the future with excitement and joy. Those present were also reminded that ‘in Him all things were created’ (1:16) and so were called to protect the beauty of our surroundings as stewards to God’s work of creation.  

At the farm there is not only a focus on culture but also on community. The day was a reminder that we must care for creation as a community, looking to one another to share resources, support and learning. 

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