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Advent Blog Series






This series of blog posts wants to provide you with resources for reflection and action on the topic of homelessness. 

Different voices representing a number of organisations will help focus us on the scale of the issues including the personal and social impact involved. The blog inputs will also offer useful suggestions for study and civic engagement. Small church community gatherings will find them most helpful. 

There will be seven posts in all and they will be published on every Sunday and Wednesday in Advent. Please pass on the word to others about this initiative. 

May Advent be a grace–filled time for you. Further resources for churches on housing insecurity and homelessness can be found at

Read the blogs here:

1. Resources for reflection and action on homelessness this Advent

2. Housing, Homelessness and Autonomy

3. Homelessness & Mental Health

4. Stigma, Shame and Homelessness

5. Complicity and Exclusion

6. Hope

7. What About Our Neighbour?