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Church Leaders’ statement from Armagh

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Church Leaders 2020–21 The Most Revd John McDowell, The Revd Dr Tom McKnight, The Rt Revd Dr David Bruce, The Very Revd Dr Ivan Patterson, The Most Revd Eamon Martin.

The Church Leaders, meeting today in Armagh (12 March) note the announcement regarding a Church service being planned for later this year to mark the Centenary of the partition of the island of Ireland and the formation of Northern Ireland.

The Church Leaders are deeply mindful that the events of 100 years ago evoke a range of responses from communities across these islands. For this reason, this point of reflection will provide an opportunity to affirm our common commitment to peace, healing and reconciliation.

The service will therefore be at the initiative of the Church Leaders and the Church Leaders will be wholly responsible for its planning, organisation and design.

On St Patrick’s Day, the Church Leaders, Rt Rev Dr David Bruce, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Most Rev John McDowell, Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland, Rev Dr Thomas McKnight, President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, Most Rev Eamon Martin, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland, and the Very Rev Dr Ivan Patterson, President of the Irish Council of Churches, will make a significant announcement together about their prayers and work throughout this year.